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Frequently Asked Questions

Our community's most burning questions are found below.
If you have any other inquiries please mail us

Can I re-sell the EA/Indicator made by Algobuilding through a custom project?

Yes! We supply the source code and total ownership of the final product so you are able to create your own business with the given EA or indicator.

What do I need to get started for a custom EA/Indicator?

Please submit your Project Form to start. After we assess the complexity and effort we will send you a price proposal. When we receive the payment we will start directly on your order.
*** If you do not have any own strategy you can also contact us by selecting the special option in the project form or heading over to the AlgoStore!

What trading strategies can you automate?

Our team of veteran mt4 developers are able to transform any trading strategy towards an automated system. Think of :
Price-action, candle formations,supply & demand, grid trading, self-AI enhancement, martingale, hedging, oscillators, multi-timeframe, currency correlation and much more!

For what trading platforms do you provide solutions?

Algobuilding can help you with systems for almost any trading platform, however we are specialized in: Metatrader 4 programming / MT4 programming, Metatrader 5 programming / MT5 programming and Tradingview.

Does Algobuilding help set up my robot/indicator?

Yes, we have designed a special installer for our products on the AlgoStore, which means after placing an order you will receive an installer .exe file which will automatically install and setup your product. For custom projects we recommend you head over to our Blog section where we have a guide to install your custom product.

What is the price of the product/service?

For the AlgoStore we have fixed one-time prices, which grant life-time access - we do not believe in dragging monthly commitments for our clients. For the custom project service we quote a special price for every unique project. The price is based on the complexity and effort it will take to realize the project. Most of our projects fall between the price range of $600 - $1500.

Could the products work at the same time on different symbols and timeframes?

Yes, you will be able to open new charts and drag the same products on it. For EAs each instance of the product will have an identifier number called "Magic Number". This feature ensures that each instance only manages the trades in its own chart.

Do you assist with finding better EA parameters/backtesting?

Yes, if you are looking for additional assistance to do Metatrader optimization, please highlight this in your Project Form. Even after the custom project is finished you can contact us via email and we can discuss the options to improve your system even further through advanced backtesting.

Could you work in future in improvements of strategy with this robot?

Yes, once you have partnered up with us we will commit to make your project a success. If after your first project you decide it is time to upgrade your system we will offer you very competitive pricing as a returning client and offer free advice on how to bring your strategy to the next level.

Do AlgoStore products work on different accounts at same time?

No, all of our AlgoStore tools come with the highest level of protection and are bound to your unique Metatrader account number. However, you are able to use our software on different PCs as long as your Metatrader account is the same.

Do you guarantee the exact fulfillment and precision of robot's rules on time?

No, this depends on your broker. Brokers have "last look" options, they could reject an order if prices move fast, or requote.  Algobuilding delivers exactly to the agreed technical requirements, and you should test it in a Demo account to ensure there are no mistakes or undesirable behaviour, in which case we can see to support even after completion.

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