Metatrader Backtesting
Optimisation Service

We optimize your EA in the strategy tester to find better settings.
99% historic quality data

Improved Client EAs

Why You Need Professional Backtesting?

Many people get their hands a ready-2-go trading system but quickly find out it is not living up to the promised expectations.
Often we can assist to improve the backtesting results by doing advanced backtesting which is the key to running a succesful trading robot.

Algobuilding could in most cases help you with extended backtesting and strategy tester optimisation to improve your expert advisor.
Finding the optimal input settings for your EA can be very challenging and just as important as the EA logic itself.


That depends on your Expert Advisor. The way your system is built decides if we can assist and howmuch effort it is to do full professional optimization.
A full optimization service includes backtesting all timeframes for 1 pair/instrument of choice for the history period of choice.
The average price for 3-Year advanced optimisation is 350-530$.
The best result of the overall optimisation will be shared which includes the strategy tester report and the matching .SET file which you can directly load onto your EA.
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